These days, we work in front of computers or smartphones for extended periods. While technological advances have benefits, they’ve taken a toll on our backs. Here’s how to feel supported.

Stay relaxed while writing, to reduce back strain.

● Relaxed wrists, forearms parallel to floor
● Move entire arm (not just wrist) when mousing
● Fingers arched, thumbs relaxed, to reduce strain
● Wrist-rests protect forearms from desk’s edge
● Keep mouse near keyboard
● Type with a light touch, reducing fatigue on hands, wrists, and tendons

Choose your chair like a pro.

Size-suitable: get a chair that adjusts to your shape, to be supported for longer periods
Fit for your needs: find a chair that can be adjusted for height, angle, resistance and your role will reduce strain.
It has your back: a backrest with lumbar support is an ideal foundation to sit comfortably for long periods.
Feel well-armed: try arm-rests, to include an added level of support while typing.

Make simple changes to your workspace and complement your preventative measures with soothing support. Icy Hot’s DUAL ACTION​ formula​ can be part of your back’s muscle-maintenance, no matter what you do for a living.


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