You are used to working hard, but many medical experts and chiropractors recommend you give yourself a break! If your job is in front of a computer, stand up once per-hour and take a short walk to increase blood-flow. Mild stretching can help increase energy and supply muscles with key nutrients.

These stretches can counteract the effects of computer-based work.

Neck:​ Stretch with mild rotations, chin-tucks and shoulder-lifts, holding for 5 seconds in each position.

Back:​ Pinch shoulder blades together, hold for 10 seconds, repeating 5 to 10 times. Stretch your lower-spine with standing back-bends (hands on lower-back for support), holding for 5 seconds.

Hamstrings:​ Sit with spine straight, bum against the seat-back. Lift legs straight until you feel the backs of your legs stretching. Hold for 30 seconds, repeating twice for each leg.

Paired with frequent breaks and stretches, Icy Hot’s DUAL ACTION​ formula​ can be part of your back’s muscle-maintenance, and help you obtain fast relief no matter what you do for a living.


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