How the neck works
Necks are complex networks of muscles, tendons and ligaments supporting your head and extending down your shoulders and back. The upper portion of your spine - including the many small bones called vertebrae - are also part of your neck.

Common Issues

Neck pain often manifests as a "kink" or "crick" in your neck. This issue might cause pain in your neck itself, or cause your shoulders, upper back or arms to feel stiff. Another result of neck pain are headaches and a limitation of neck and head movement. Stress and tension can also trigger headaches or common symptoms like a dull pain at the back of your neck.

Usual Causes

Minor Neck Pain can often occur because of a sudden twisting of the neck or by maintaining a specific position for an extended period. It can also be the result of poor posture when sleeping, or built-up tension and stress.

Prevention and Treatment

Neck pain can be a real distraction, making it hard to do what we love. Check out a few tips​ for using smartphones and computers without harming your back.
Learn how​ important break-times are for healthy spines.


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